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FDA Approved Medicines
1-Daurismo (glasdegib) Tablets Name of Company: Registered by Approval Date: November 21, 2018 Suggested for: Acute Myeloid Leukemia Use: It is used for the combination treatment of adult patients with newly-diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia (AML). 2- Gamifant (emapalumab-Izsg) Injection Company name: Approved by Novimmune SA Approval Date: November 20,
Key Information About Major Types of Cancer
Cancer is the most dangerous type of diseases discovered up till now. It has many types and kinds. In all its kinds, one thing is almost similar, which is that some of the human body’s cells start to divide without stopping and spread into surrounding tissues. Due to this, human
Percocet side effects
Percocet is a famous drug which belongs to the opioids group of medications and is considered among strongly addictive ones. It is being formulated by combining two schedule II drugs, Oxycodone and Acetaminophen. Both these drugs from which it is derived are also high-class pain relievers. Oxycodone has a direct
What is Salvia
In southern Mexico, Salvia is an herb of the mint family. Although salvia is not illegal according to Federal law, several states and countries have passed laws to regulate its use. Uses of Salvia: Usually, people use this in different forms. Chew fresh leaves Drink their extracted juices. Dried leaves
what is Rohypnol?
It is commonly known as date-rape drug and sometimes clubs drug, which effects in 20 to 30 minutes. In the US, it is not allowed to use this legally. It is the subtype of benzodiazepine, which is available in green and white pills. Due to its immediate effects on the
Basic Facts About Oxycontin
Oxycodone (OxyContin) as a medication was first introduced in the year 1995. It was basically used as a remedy for various sorts of pains. With the passage of time it was detected that like other addictive pain killers for instance morphine, OxyContin was also highly addictive and habit-forming drug with
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Health News
importance of health
Each day we work toward optimizing our level of health as well as wellness to live long, full, and healthy and balanced lives. The search of wellness, personal growth, and also enhanced lifestyle relies on living a well-balanced life. To accomplish balance with importance of health, we need to care
Basic principles of primary health care
Basic principles of primary health care seek to prevent injuries and health problem. It has to do with more than delivering health care services. It has to do with producing the conditions that assist individuals to become and remain healthy and well. It’s likewise about extending the reach of healthcare
Felines are frequently hailed as family pets that can soothe and bring calm. That is, maybe, why places such as cat cafés – where anybody can go and stroke or snuggle a feline while having a relaxing drink – are so popular any place they open. Nevertheless, aside from passionate
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Food Diet & Tips
How to Lose Weight Fast?
Weight loss diet is the most frequent curiosity for most of the people today. How much you eat and which type of food you are going to eat is the most important part of maintain a healthy body. People become most conscious about their diet, because they want a wealthy life,
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Food Tips for Diabetics to Eat Well
Be picky. Choose the right foods to maintain your diabetic issues in check. And also attempt to prepare at home as opposed to heading out. It’s much easier to keep an eye on what you consume when you make your own dishes which the best one of the food tips
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