16/8: 16-hour break between dinner and breakfast

New Year’s holidays for me have long ceased to be days of overeating. If there is a serving of vegetarian Olivier, it is easily balanced with plenty of vegetables and walks. And if a feeling of heaviness does appear, a large glass of hot water with ginger, lemon and honey and a 16-hour break between dinner and breakfast does it well. For example, if dinner ends at 19:00, the first meal does not start until 11:00).

Now these breaks at 16 o’clock are very comfortable for me, and I easily follow them almost every day. They help me maintain good digestion and make me feel more energized throughout the day. Also, this “intermittent fasting” helps to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation in the body. And as a bonus, the first meal becomes especially tasty!

After active training, I sometimes shorten the period to 14 hours. If I feel like grabbing something, I can eat a serving of berries, a couple of kiwi, an avocado, or have a glass of green juice. It is better to start with breaks between dinner and breakfast at least at 12 o’clock, and then gradually increase them, focusing on your feelings.

The photo shows my lunch on my first working day in the new year. Today it was brown rice mushrooms, avocado, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced ​​carrots, olive oil and walnuts 🖖🏼

You can read more about intermittent fasting in this post.

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