Results of 2019 in five minutes

Until January is over, I will summarize the results of 2019

The discovery of 2019 for me was the blog “Evolution” in livejournal. I still have to grow and grow, but thanks to “Evolution” I have become more mature and less infantile in relations with loved ones and myself. If there is one piece of advice needed to improve relationships in marriage, with parents, colleagues or children, I would suggest spending a few days reading the blog archives. Very sobering.

In 2019, we moved to the first “adult” office in a business center with high ceilings, a beautiful reception and a fitness club. I rejoice at this decision five days a week. It is important that the place we spend most of the year in is cool.

We expanded our dessert line to 365 detox. Back in 2018, we did not have our hit – blue nougat, there were no healthy lifestyle sneakers, vegan muffins, donuts and chia puddings. In 2019, we made a leap towards pure vegan desserts and are planning to further develop 365 sweets.

Fell in love with sunny Barcelona, ​​majestic Vienna and bouncy Oslo, but in Rome with a child in the near future they decided not to return.

One of the brightest impressions of 2019 was participation in the “Context” of Business Relations. For me, these three days have become an occasion to better and deeper understand myself, my motives, to better track my strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to the best-selling peeling mask, Fresh Detox has launched two new tonics with Organic Shop, which can be found in all Organic Shop stores and 365 detox. I use all three products and enjoy your feedback ♥ ️

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I got used to early dinners and I plan to follow this habit for the next decade.

In 2019, she took part in the filming, which I want to show to my grandchildren later. Of the latter – shooting for one of the favorite brands of jewelry Qari Qris.

Plans for the remaining 340 days of 2020: eat, work, study, love ✊🏼

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