My facial. Autumn winter

In my facial this winter – products with acids and serums, sleep with a moisturizer, frequent airing and not a single nourishing mask.

Bigger is not better. My skin doesn’t like it when I often use nourishing masks, oils and thick cream. She has enough serums, light creams, toners and acids in the care, which help to renew and smooth the skin.

In Moscow, I use foundation because I feel more confident with it. Someday I will dare to do a series of salon peels to erase the marks of my once problem skin (the main advice I would give myself in high school: “Olya, don’t press your face! And eat more vegetables, Olya!”). I use the Bobbi Brown or Shiseido foundation proven over the years. And I always apply the tone with my fingers (clean!), And not with a brush or sponge. Instead of powder, I use matting wipes throughout the day. The fresh complexion you often ask about is the blush I wear every day 🙂

In the morning I do not wash my face with gel. I simply puff my face with rose or tea tree hydrolate and rub my face with Day Detox tonic. After tonic, I apply 22I11 cream or Comfort Zone fluid. In the evening I wash off the cosmetics with Natura Siberica micellar gel, and then I wash with the gel and apply the Night Detox tonic. After the tonic, I apply the 22I11 serum with hyaluronic acid or their serum with antioxidants. I apply Sacred Nature Retinol Serum once or twice a week. A couple of times a month, when I want something like a scrub, I use dry powders – for example, the Biobutty regenerating mask. And I use Fresh Detox peeling twice a week. I developed both peeling and tonics together with Organic Shop, and I am very glad that these products are ideal for me and thousands of girls (and men 👋🏼). Thanks for your feedback! You can find tonics and peeling masks in all Organic Shop stores, as well as in our 365 detox.


Grooming is important but secondary. In the first place for skin health is the number of hours of sleep and the daily routine, what we eat and at what time (for example, my skin does not like cottage cheese and late dinners), our posture, the presence of a moisturizer in the room and love – to ourselves, to what we do and who we surround ourselves with 🖖🏼

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