No rashes – no problem! 8 principles that work for my skin

I have imperfect skin – mixed and prone to breakouts. Over the years of problem skin, I finally realized what my skin likes and what not. Now rashes on the face are very rare, even during PMS. In my case, these 8 principles work:

1. Know when to stop with dairy products, especially cottage cheese and cheese. One syrnik or two tablespoons of curd cheese – ok! More – and I already feel discomfort after eating, and in the morning rashes may appear.

2. Yoga, movement, deep breathing – what improves blood circulation, clears my head, makes me calmer, and makes my skin healthier. I often notice: less movement means more rashes.

3. 7-9 hours of sleep and especially going to bed before midnight work better for me than expensive cream. If I follow the regime for two or three days in a row, I notice how the skin tone changes for the better, and even the pores become cleaner. Magic!

4. Fresh and cooked vegetables, herbs, green juices, avocados and water are those that reflect for the better my digestion and my skin. I try to include vegetables in every meal, eat 3-4 fruits a day and try to drink freshly squeezed vegetable juices regularly. I don’t drink dietary supplements and vitamin supplements.

5. I do not drink coffee and very rarely drink alcohol. Limit green tea to two cups a day.

6. Gentle cleansing every day – no alcohol, clay or brushes. In the evening, I remove my makeup with coconut oil: I apply the oil to a damp cotton pad and wipe my face. Then I wash my face with Skin Regimen soft gel or ubtan. Clay masks cleanse well, but they dehydrate the skin and, in my case, can stimulate inflammation.

7. Masks with acids. For the last two years I have been doing only moisturizing masks and light peels with acids. In my case, acids help to minimize inflammation and clogged pores, even during PMS. Once or twice a week I do the “Fresh Detox” peeling mask, which we made with Organic Shop last year. This peel tightens pores, smoothes and gently renews the skin without dehydrating it. I make a mask before bed, after which I apply a moisturizing serum and moisturizing cream. The result is always noticeable in the morning – the skin is smoother and fresher, and the pores are less visible. The mask can be found in all Organic Shop stores and at The price of the mask is only 360 rubles.

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8. Good hydration is the most important thing in my care. Now at night I put on the 22 | 11 hyaluronic acid gel, followed by the Weleda night cream or the 22 | 11 moisturizer. In the morning I wash my face with plain water, then I wash my face with rose water and apply Weleda or Comfort Zone day cream.

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