Sex is like in a movie or you won’t be bored

They will give a rainbow of new feelings, open up new sexual horizons and again turn sex into a fun and exciting game.

However, the choice of sex, like in the movies, must be approached selectively and wisely. Not everything that happens in the frame can really excite, give pleasure and retain pleasant memories. Movie-like sex in real life can be dangerous. What should you pay attention to?

Water, Earth or Game of Thrones

The sensational television series Game of Thrones can inspire absolutely everyone for sexual exploits. Not a single season of this fantasy was complete without explicit scenes. Just remember the ardent passion of Ygritte and Jon Snow in the cave. The girl took the initiative into her own hands and seduced the man without erotic lingerie and romantic music. To the sound of the geyser, the partners frantically enjoyed each other, continuing the game of love under the streams of warm water. This scene can be easily repeated in the summer by choosing a deserted wild beach.

Oksana Perekhrest, a gynecologist at the ON Clinic Kharkiv Sports Palace Medical Center, notes:

Sex on a cold surface threatens cystitis in both women and men. In a fit of passion, this nuance may not be given importance, and some are afraid to disturb the piquancy of the moment. Avoid throwing blankets, bedding, or towels so that fond memories are not overshadowed by serious health consequences.

In addition, having sex in water washes away the natural lubrication of the vagina and increases the risk of developing sexually transmitted diseases. Crystal water, the purity of pebbles or sand near a pond or the sea is akin to looking for a philosopher’s stone. And the chances of getting pregnant in water are the same as in bed, even if you carry a condom.

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The scene of Ser Bronn the Blackwater with girls of easy virtue is considered no less juicy. However, if you want that kind of variety, it is worth thinking a hundred times. Most likely, this love can acquaint one with sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, I think it is better to exclude this scene from your collection of desires so as not to repeat it, for example, at a noisy party.

50 shades of gray or sex without rules

The adaptation of the erotic novel by the English writer E.L. James was not only liked by women, but also impressed by men. The wildest fantasies are embodied in the erotic scenes of this bestseller. Critics call this film a dose of sensual pleasure.

Indeed, every scene with Anastacia Steele and Christian Gray is not complete without sex toys. In their collection you can find soft, leather and metal handcuffs, vaginal balls, floggers (a soft version of the whip, at the base of which feathers are most often used, on the basis of which small plastic beads are located), stacks (a type of whip with a hard handle), canes, anal plugs and even gags.

The film is imbued with a psychosexual culture based on the exchange of power between partners (in most situations Christian dominates). It stimulates the imagination and awakens the sexual appetite.

Doctor-urologist at the ON Clinic Poltava medical center Igor Eroshenko notes:

Find out how your partner feels about it before using sex toys. Not all of them can give sensual pleasure the first time or lead to orgasm. You need to learn how to use them in order to get pleasure, and know

Erogenous zones: what are we getting excited about?

Erogenous zones: what are we getting excited about?

erogenous zones of the partner. The first attempts at mastering sex toys can lead to injury, pain and discomfort.

It is important to be careful when choosing toys and comfortable positions for using them. Pay attention to the quality, size and size of the toy, if applicable, and to the use of lubricants (if necessary). Be sure to follow the instructions and don’t go overboard. Remember, not all scenes from the film can be repeated without preliminary preparation and not all are worthy of repetition.

Titanic or how to drown

The scene of love between young Rose and Jack is filled with tenderness and romanticism, spiced with notes of piquancy. After all, the couple had sex in the cabin of a retro car, which in real life can add pepper to a relationship. However, it must be remembered that in the film, the interior of the car suggests a lot of places where partners can comfortably indulge in lovemaking. In everyday life, not every car can boast of this. Therefore, before bringing this scene to life, make sure the cabin is clean and think about the most comfortable positions (front or back) in advance. Ending the evening at the emergency room because of hot improvisation is not the most tempting idea.

Olena Pershina, a doctor of ultrasound diagnostics “ON Clinic Kharkiv”, recommends:

You need to avoid such fitness for those who are overweight and older people. A cramped car restricts and constrains movement, which threatens dislocations and fractures. Sex in a car requires good physical fitness.

Mr & Mrs Smith: Kill Me Softly

The picture helps to take a fresh look at family relationships. Not all fights and quarrels have to end in resentment. The scene of hot reconciliation after a violent scandal in the kitchen can smooth over the sharp corners of misunderstanding. However, in real life, it is not necessary to break dishes and break furniture. You can make love on the kitchen table, periodically using the idea as an alternative to the classics in bed.

By the way, if you have a piano, you can repeat the scene from “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. However, when using furniture as a springboard for intimacy, be careful. Unstable pieces of furniture threaten injury to both partners.

Sexual experiments are good if they end well. Scenes from movies can be used in real life, but only with intelligence and preparation.

Have you tried sex like in the movies?

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