5 quotes of the month. June

Sayings about nutrition, health and life worth paying attention to. This month – actress Gal Gadot about training, nutrition and why she did not watch TV as a child, director Andrei Tarkovsky about the power of inner freedom, fitness blogger Karli Rowena about the easiest way to lose weight, Mikhail Bulgakov about sincerity, and microbiologist Julia Anders is about amazing events inside our body.

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“I have always been a very active child, sport has always been a part of my life. My mom, a gymnastics coach, drove me from my early nails. I never watched TV, because I had no time and was not interested. I either played all kinds of ball sports outside, such as tennis and basketball, or did something else with my body. I have been dancing for 12 years. That is, all my life I mocked my body in one way or another, and I liked it. This is the secret of my calmness – I leave negative energy in the gym. I am a big fan of good diet and healthy living. It’s important to eat lots of vegetables, drink lots of water, and stay active. I believe that what we put into our bodies is reflected outside, ” – Gal Gadot, actress, model.

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“Do not try to seem better to people than you really are – you cannot resist on tiptoes for long, but do not try to seem worse than you are – you won’t sit for a long time either, “, – Mikhail Bulgakov, writer.

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“In the highest sense of this concept, freedom, especially in the artistic sense, in the sense of creativity, does not exist. Yes, the idea of ​​freedom exists, it is a reality in social and political life. In different regions, different countries, people live with more or less freedom; but you know evidence that shows that in the most monstrous conditions there were people who possessed unheard-of inner freedom, inner peace, greatness. It seems to me that freedom does not exist as a choice: freedom is a state of mind. For example, one can socially, politically be completely “free” and nevertheless perish from a sense of frailty, a sense of isolation, a sense of the absence of a future ”,– Andrey Tarkovsky, director.

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“Walking is the best way to force yourself to move a little. Unlike fat burning and metabolic workouts, walking does not put a lot of stress on your muscles and is not stressful for your body, which makes your heart rate faster. At the same time, it still contributes to weight loss, since stored fat is used as a source of energy, and not just eaten calories. Besides, walking helps to lose abdominal fat (in the abdominal area) – and we all want that, “ – Karlie Rowena, fitness blogger.

・ ・ ・ five・ ・ ・

“Amazing things and events are passing by us. All sorts of processes take place under the skin of our body around the clock: something flows, pumps, absorbs, excretes, bursts, is repaired and rebuilt. And the collective in the form of organs and cells that make up them, works so harmoniously, flawlessly and productively that for normal activity, the body of an adult requires exactly the same amount of energy per hour as an incandescent lamp of 100 watts. Every second, the kidneys filter our blood like a filter in a coffee machine – and, as a rule, the kidneys are able to do their job throughout our life. And the lungs are so cleverly designed that energy is required only for inhalation. Exhalation, as we know from the school course, is effortless. If we were transparent, we could observe the mechanism working continuously, like the mechanism of a car, only the picture would be enlarged and in 3D mode. While someone sits and torments himself with thoughts like “no one loves me”, “no one needs me”, his heart is hitting the 17,000th beat in the last 24 hours and has every right to be offended and feel offended, ”- Julia Anders, microbiologist, author of Charming Gut.

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