A meter from the gynecologist: the stories of our doctors

The word “gynecologist” causes panic in many women, and their associations with this doctor are not very rosy. Indeed, visiting a gynecologist is not the most pleasant procedure. But sometimes at the reception at the gynecologist is very fun. To your attention real stories from the life of practicing gynecologists.

A little laugh

Once at ON Clinic Dnipro, a woman signed up her daughter for a hymenoplasty procedure (restoration of the hymen). For the family, this was an important event in view of the upcoming wedding, where traditions are sacred. A few days later, the doctor saw the same patient registered for the defloration procedure. Why is that? The patient explained that the wedding had been canceled and her boyfriend would be shocked if he found a hymen where it hadn’t been before. A month later, the same girl again came for hymenoplasty – the wedding was again on the agenda. There is still an anecdote that such patients “there” need a “lightning”.

History proves: the girl is not afraid of gynecologists, on the contrary, she loves to visit them!

If some women are still intimidated by the gynecological chair, with this story the fear will go nowhere. Obstetrician-gynecologist with more than 28 years of experience Larisa Palivoda says:

“A young girl came to the reception for a preventive examination. I asked her to lie down on the examining chair and turned away to give the patient time to undress and get comfortable. A couple of minutes later I heard a terrible rumble. I turn, and the patient climbed into the chair with her stomach down and in the process of “climbing in” shook the chair. It was difficult to get her out of there. ”

Those who love condoms as a means of contraception need to think about what happens to them after intercourse. I’m serious! Olena Svinchuk, a gynecologist at the ON Clinic Poltava medical center, shares her story:

“One day a patient came to me with complaints of delayed menstruation and an unpleasant odor from the vagina. When collecting anamnesis, she claimed that she could not be pregnant – there was a condom. On examination, a torn condom was found in the vagina. The following dialogue took place:

“There’s going to be something unusual,” I say, taking out a condom with tweezers.

– Oh my God! What is it? – the patient cries out.

“It’s yours,” I answer with a smile.

The patient was dumbfounded: according to her husband, the contraceptive item was disposed of. According to the ultrasound results, the woman turned out to be pregnant. “

A similar story happened at a visit to the gynecologist Natalia Puzako, who practices at the ON Clinic Mariupol medical center:

“The patient urgently asked for an appointment with the doctor, they say, she has an emergency. We wrote her down for the next appointment. While the agitated girl was waiting for a meeting with the gynecologist, she wanted to use the toilet. Leaving the ladies’ room, she made a murderous speech: “I won’t go to the appointment, thanks to the clinic. Yesterday I had sexual intercourse and after that my partner and I could not find a condom … All night long we were looking. Imagine, I went to the toilet and it fell out! Thanks! I ran!”.

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You need to be no less careful when you want to become the heroes of the acclaimed film “50 Shades of Gray”. Galina Shumlyaeva, a gynecologist at the ON Clinic Nikolaev medical center, says:

“Peach in the vagina! “Exotic!” – you say. But the patient was not up to the exotic. Since yesterday, the fruit forgotten in the vagina, used during sexual play, was removed with difficulty. It’s good that everything worked out. If you’re experimenting, do it wisely. “

Unfunny stories or hug and cry

Galina Shumlyaeva, a gynecologist at the ON Clinic Nikolaev medical center, has other stories in store, but they are unlikely to cause laughter:

Case number 1

“A few years after starting my practice in the field of gynecology, a patient came to the appointment for an oncological examination. When I approached the patient lying in the chair, I was dumbfounded: a tapeworm about 10-15 cm long was visualized from her anus. I had to remove it into a container, and the patient was urgently sent to a parasitologist. “

Case number 2

“The woman complained that something was in the way of her vagina. According to her, it was “something like red cloth.” After examination, I diagnosed a very large cervical polyp, which played the role of the very “red tissue”. The polyp demanded removal, which was done. ”

In gynecological practice, you can take part even in a real fight. Tatiana Filatova, a gynecologist at the ON Clinic Kharkiv Sports Palace Medical Center, says:

“Seemingly harmless, at first glance, the story could end in tears for everyone. During childbirth, one pregnant patient experienced hysterics. The obstetrician-gynecologist gave her a slap in the face to revive and force her to push. The husband who was present at the birth for beating his wife immediately knocked out the doctor. Frightened, the woman gave birth at the very first attempt. ”

Going to the doctor may not be as scary as the treatment. It is necessary to follow medical recommendations strictly in accordance with the established procedure, and not act in the style of “his own director”. Natalia Puzako, a gynecologist at the ON Clinic Mariupol medical center, told the following story, which could also end badly:

“The couple underwent treatment for a genital infection. The husband and wife decided to save money (not to go to the urologist) and both were treated according to my recommendations. At the next appointment they say: “Doctor, change the treatment regimen! We cannot keep lighting candles. At first we shoved them in whole, then we began to cut them into halves, and then the quarters ceased to fit in ”. I suspected something was wrong and asked what they were doing and where they were putting it. The husband’s answer killed: “How where? We put a candle in my wife’s vagina (it fits easily there), but it doesn’t fit into my urethra ”.

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“Foolish”: current stories

How many actions we do rashly and how many necessary actions we do not do at all. An example of this is the story of Oksana Perekhrest, a gynecologist at the ON Clinic Kharkiv Sports Palace:

“The patient said that she recently had unprotected intercourse with her husband and would like to make sure that she did not get pregnant. On examination, it turned out that the patient’s gestation period was as much as 18 weeks! As it turned out, neither the husband nor the wife could find a method of contraception that was comfortable for both, everyone experimented. “

Of course, sex and pregnancy are inseparable concepts, otherwise people would not have come up with contraception. But as practice proves, you can “fly in” even with the help of caresses, bypassing classic sex. Tatiana Yushchenko, gynecologist at the ON Clinic Odessa medical center, says:

“A 18-year-old patient came to the appointment complaining of the absence of menstruation (delay). The most interesting thing is that according to the results of ultrasound, a pregnancy of 6 weeks was diagnosed, but the examination proved that the patient was a virgin. It turned out that the girl does not live sexually and there was no direct penetration, and the pregnancy came as a result of petting. So even the most harmless caresses can have consequences. “

Fear has big eyes. Sometimes this is true. Oksana Perekhrest, a gynecologist at the ON Clinic Kharkiv Sports Palace Medical Center, says:

“Once a 25-week pregnant woman came to me complaining of pain in the hip joint after intercourse (we tried new positions with my husband) and fever. On examination, a temperature of 38 degrees was revealed, although the tests were normal. They left her in the hospital ward for observation. The patient took the thermometer for herself to monitor the temperature in dynamics. In the evening she measured it again – again 38! A roommate asked to use a thermometer and also intended 38. As it turned out, the pregnant woman used a faulty thermometer. ”

The patient’s desire is the law. However, no one canceled common sense. An odd story happened to Alla Braslavets, a gynecologist at the ON Clinic Kharkiv medical center:

“One of my patients was recorded with the note ‘Help needed’. The usual request (the certificate may be needed for the pool, work, university, other institutions). Even a certificate of the presence of a hymen is not a rare phenomenon and is no longer surprising for gynecologists, even if the patient is 30+. When the patient came to the appointment and voiced her request, the day ceased to be languid: “Doctor, you need to write that everything is fine there, like everyone else.” After lengthy explanations that the doctor was using the terms “healthy” or “sick,” and not with the terms “normal” and “abnormal,” the patient stood her ground. Gathered a council of two gynecologists and the head physician. Together they decided an ingenious conclusion: “the external genital organs are formed according to the female type.” Of course, the certificate was issued with three doctors’ signatures ”.

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Health stories

The gynecologist is a woman’s friend. It has been proven many times. Tatiana Yushchenko, gynecologist of the ON Clinic Odessa medical center, decided to share her story:

“A 30-year-old woman who dreamed of becoming a mother came to the medical center (numerous miscarriages, the problem of miscarriage). She said that for a long time nothing works (even IVF did not help!). After examination, a violation was found in the endometrium. Additional studies were carried out: hysteroscopy with biopsy, receptor analysis. The latter showed a severe chronic inflammatory process, as a result of which the woman could not maintain her pregnancies. After 8 months of treatment, she came for an appointment: an ultrasound scan confirmed her pregnancy, which made her a regular client. ”

Olena Svinchuk, gynecologist of the ON Clinic Poltava medical center, shared invaluable experience:

“Many of our patients are displaced persons from the ATO zone. Once we were approached by a woman who could not get pregnant for 9 years. In her homeland, they said: the problem is overweight and hormonal disorders. After the examination, we prescribed treatment for her baby, about two years old. The woman is planning a second pregnancy and continues to use the services of the medical center. ”

Tatiana Yushchenko, gynecologist of the ON Clinic Odessa medical center, adds:

“ON Clinic Odessa” is often visited by patients from China and Vietnam. These women are not even afraid of the language barrier, although some of them often come with an interpreter. One day, a Chinese woman came with numerous complaints, but unaccompanied (the translator made an appointment, but missed the time and did not come to the doctor). My colleague, the gynecologist, was not at a loss – she downloaded a Chinese translator on her phone and held a reception in Chinese. The patient was diagnosed with a pathology, and effective treatment was prescribed. The woman was very grateful for the help provided. After this incident, the number of Chinese patients in the medical center began to increase. ”

And finally, a story from the pediatric gynecologist of the ON Clinic Kharkiv medical center Svetlana Gurenko:

“My mother came to my appointment with a cute little girl of 5 years old. We talked to my mother and I ask the girl:

– Mashenka, how old are you? – I ask, and in response, a cute creature, coquettishly dropping her eyes, replies:

– A little over a year …

– Real woman! – I could not resist ”.

As you can see, it is important not only to go to the doctor’s office, but also to hear the doctor, follow his recommendations and there will be happiness. Women’s health requires care and attention at any age.

And what stories happened in the gynecologist’s office with you?

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