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Not Louboutins, but delicious pants! Thanks to the Cosmopolitan team for the fun shooting and the opportunity to dance on the windowsill. In the April issue of the magazine, you can add a mustache or a unibrow to me, as my daughter did, and read a short interview about how I try to do important things and what I do to recuperate. A full interview about motivation and inspiration, how I plan my day and what I spend my free time on in this post.

– How do you plan your day?

Now my day is very dependent on my little daughter. I try to do the most important and urgent things before lunchtime. And I do my best not to get bogged down in a petty work routine. Sometimes plans fail, and if earlier this could be a cause for concern, now I try to relate to this less emotionally. And from time to time I remind myself of a good phrase: “Children do not distract from important work. Children are the most important job. “

– What is more important to you? Do you consider any of your roles or any of your activities more meaningful?

It is important for me to balance correctly between my favorite projects and my family. I love what we do in 365 detox and really want to further develop Salatshop.ru, but all this should go well with the opportunity to be a mom. The birth of a daughter has become a powerful filter for everything unnecessary and unnecessary. If the meeting is really important, I will be at it, but if someone from our team does a great job with it, I’d better take care of where there is no one to replace me. Scrolling through Instagram while lying in bed is now just an impermissible luxury. I began to filter more unnecessary information, unnecessary emotions and experiences. I would like to use each of the 24 hours more effectively.

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– Who or what is your main motivator?

My biggest inspiration is the people around me. And every day I am motivated by our team and the community that has formed around Salatshop and 365 Detox. The gratitude of people, their love for what has become your life’s work is the best reward for sleepless nights.

– What life hacks allow you to keep up with everything?

Of course, I can’t keep up with everything, so the main thing is to correctly prioritize. I make a to-do list and number them in order of importance. I minimize the waste of time on social networks. I’m not afraid to ask for help. I remember how important it is to find time to rest and reboot. And my ability to do makeup on the go also helps me do a little more.

– Who or what helps you, provides support?

I am lucky that my husband supports me in my work, family, and leisure. Common values ​​and a sense of humor have helped us work together for several years and still not get tired of each other. This, of course, has its drawbacks when a family dinner turns into a discussion of a business plan, but our projects are an important part of our life, a love affair and an opportunity to grow and develop.

– Do you have rules for life?

Listen to yourself and common sense. Be flexible. Do not be offended. Do not hang labels on yourself and others. Laugh and hug more often.

– What qualities and character traits help you to be successful in different areas?

Self-irony often helps me – at meetings, speeches and in moments when something goes wrong. I have the remnants of an excellent student syndrome (hello, a gold medal at school and a red diploma at the university!), And the ability to laugh at yourself often helps to relieve tension.

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– Where do you get your inspiration?

In good books, in conversations with friends, in stories about cool brands and their founders, in biographies and interviews. My daughter’s attentive eyes inspire me to be kinder and better every day.

– What would you do if there were more than 24 hours in a day?

I traveled more. I often chose yoga and massage. I read more. Would bring to life more of the planned projects. I would try to do more good to others. And add another half hour to a tight hug.

– What are you doing to recuperate?

I try to go to yoga twice a week. To be in time for class, sometimes I have to jump out of the taxi and run along the escalators – it turns out both yoga and cardio)) These 90 minutes on the mat help not only my body, but also switch my head cool, relieve the accumulated tension. After each lesson, I feel a little superman, and I want to smile at passers-by.

– Do you have free time, time for yourself? What are you spending it on?

Time is running out, but I know that it is necessary, otherwise there will be no resources for work and family. I devote time to my nutrition, because I know how much it means for my vitality, appearance and my health. Besides yoga, at least once a month I go to a massage. At home, I love to smear on a mask and spend an extra 15 minutes in the bathroom with a delicious coffee scrub and aromatic body oil.

– What do you think it means to be a real woman?

Be confident in yourself, but remain humble and gentle. Inspire others to become kinder. Use your intuition and know that there is always a way out even from the most difficult situation.

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