10 easy things to do to make your day better

It is impossible to meet 365 days a year with the same inspiration and joy. Some days are super productive, while others do not go according to plan and do little. Under the heading “10 Easy Actions” – simple actions and things that make my every day a little better and add joy to my 24 hours.

Author: Olya Malysheva

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Hot bath

80–90º and in half an hour everything that interfered and strained comes out of the body and head. After a bath in the country, the deepest sleep and soft-soft skin always follow. When we are in Moscow, the bath is replaced for half an hour in a hot bath with English detox salt. After it, the skin also becomes soft, and the necessary relaxation appears in the body and head.

Ikea toys

In an embrace with the musical sheep from Ikea, I fall asleep faster than my daughter. If I were 25 years younger, I would not part with her and her pleasant melody. My daughter and I also love this bathing set (especially the leaky glass!). And this soft book became our daughter’s first favorite work of art. We love these and other toys from Ikea for their nice colors, lack of Mickey Mouse, lace and stupid melodies.

Instagram antistress

I already wrote that I try to shorten my feed on Instagram and Facebook as much as possible. I am not at all interested in following the lives of celebrities, politics or the latest news from the Cannes Film Festival. But some profiles work as anti-stress, adding a dose of warmth, inspiration and kindness. Among my favorites now are, of course, profiles with many children and happy parents: @anyabakhrieva, @courtneyadamo, @apphia____ and @ameliafullarton.

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Observe how the daughter communicates with loved ones and relatives

Few make my daughter as happy as my eight-year-old niece. When the two are fiddling around together, there is loud laughter and enthusiastic squeals throughout the house. Only your beloved aunt can surprise you with a huge plucked burdock or playing football. And grandmothers just knock you down with their wave of love. It is happiness to watch a small child rejoice, squeal, wonder, and then hug grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and cousins.

Juice juice juice!

Now is the best time to spend 15 minutes each day making vegetable juices. Juicy young beets with tops, young carrots, spinach and celery leaves from your garden, parsley – seasonal vegetables are aromatic as never before and rich in useful minerals and vitamins. And for sweetness, you can add not only apples and pears to them, but also sweet pineapple, pomegranate and even strawberries.

I continued to drink juices during pregnancy and drink them during GV. My daughter did not have any negative reaction. Now she often drinks a couple of teaspoons of juice with me and is actively asking for more.

Corn pancakes

At least two corn pancakes and every day gets better. Using the recipe for these pancakes, I learned how to cook large pancakes – I bring the dough to a thinner consistency and use a ladle to pour the dough into a preheated pan. Perfect pancakes with golden edges are obtained. In such a pancake, you can put avocado, rustic cheese and spinach. Or spread the pancake with natural almond or peanut butter and Jerusalem artichoke syrup. Mmm! At least once a week, we always have the smell of pancakes at home.

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Green tea with Moroccan mint

The scent of Wrigley’s Spearmint and the refreshing mint flavor – this organic green tea makes us love from the first sip. To avoid drinking a lot of caffeine, I try to drink no more than one or two cups of green tea a day. Plus, drinking green tea in the evening can negatively affect my sleep. Therefore, after seven in the evening, I drink hot chicory with Jerusalem artichoke syrup or aromatic ivan tea.


The smell of rain, the smell of wood, lilac blossoms outside the window, the smell of a child, the smell of freshly cut grass, the smell of vanilla and the smell of coffee – these smells can be inhaled endlessly. A good scent can be as great a teleportation through time and space as music. Everywhere I take with me a bottle of balm based on essential oils from 33 herbs and shea butter from the Swiss brand Vivasan. It smells very tasty, relaxes and helps with a cold. Great for helping to shift attention after some tense situation. And in the bedroom we always have KOBO Candles scented candles, which are made from 100% natural soy wax and aromatic oils. Favorite flavors include Catalan calendula, mint and wild tomatoes.

Let’s Mask!

Just 10-15 minutes of leaving can improve the mood of both the process and the result in the mirror. Face masks are my favorite way to take care of myself, which can always be combined with cleaning, exercising or playing with the child. I practically never use fabric masks, in which you need to lie motionless. Now I do this treatment once or twice a week: I cleanse my skin with Black Paint Japanese black soap, then apply the Caudalie glycolic peeling mask for 10 minutes, rinse it off and, if there is another 10 minutes, apply the Caudalie detox mask. Then I wash my face and apply a moisturizer.

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Spread a blanket at the dacha and lie on the grass with your daughter and niece, take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the grass. The earth has some kind of special power, taking away all that is superfluous and unnecessary.

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