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A cheerful mother of two beautiful boys, a happy wife, the creator of the online confectionery of natural desserts “Without a Prescription” and the author of the “Cookbook of Inspiration” – Alena Andreasyan by her example proves that great family happiness and favorite projects are quite compatible. In the Dos & Don’ts section, Alena told us about her diet, her favorite care products, sports, daily routine, special relationship with her husband, and what she does every day to be so cool.

・ ・ ・ Do ・ ・ ・

A few years ago, I slept until victoriousand today the day starts at 7:30 and sometimes even earlier. It all depends on the purity of the sky outside the window. I wake up, drink a glass or two of pure water and life begins. Water spends all day with me. Pure or with the addition of berries and fruits. Until sleep.

I usually go to bed at 11 o’clock… At the beginning of the tenth, the whole family crawls under the covers, grabs a children’s book, and no one leaves the bed. This is our most touching time together. And the most comfortable mode for me. If suddenly it happens to go to bed late, I do not feel well, as if I went over with champagne. Therefore, I try to be in the regime.

In the morning I send my eldest son to kindergarten and while the younger is fiddling with toys, I do a little warm-up and make breakfast. And then everything is like a dream. It seems that you are not doing anything, but the day flies by with lightning speed. A couple of meetings, an hour at a laptop, household issues, incessant chat “Without a prescription”. Workshop yesterday. Today we are working on a new dessert for our online pastry shop. During breaks, we hug and kiss with the baby. He is only eight months old – it is impossible to tear himself away from him either physically or emotionally. More often he is with me. Less often with a nanny – she comes for four hours a day, and they go for a walk. In the evening everyone returns home, and work gets up. After 18:00 we try to have dinner together, play games, read books, make wishes.

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All life is food… This is my motto for life. The building next door may be on fire, but I won’t budge until I have breakfast. Breakfast, lunch, dinner – green vegetables and herbs are compulsory. Not only because it is the source of life, but first of all it is delicious. Avocados, nuts, seeds, superfoods. All this is enough in the diet.

I like porridge with coconut milk for breakfast, chia puddings, fresh juices, cool banana ice cream, sometimes salads and avocado toast. For lunch, all the same salads, bruschetta. It all depends on where I am at the moment. I often make appointments in restaurants and cafes, but like at home, I try to choose food from the most whole ingredients possible. Although I have nothing against pizza. For example, a country one with vegetables or pear and gorgonzola can drive me crazy.

My man is the main source and support of my harmonious existence… He helped me discover myself. And it helps to do it every day. It is important that each person has a reliable ally, then there is no need to look for recharge from the outside.

I’m one of those women who are primarily attracted to packaging… Seeing something beautiful, I enthusiastically grab the tube and read the composition. I try to use organic cosmetics. I recently discovered 22 | 11 Detox Serum. I use it both in the morning and in the evening after washing. I have been friends with Andalou for many years. Their sugar scrub and chocolate avocado mask is my personal must-have. These funds periodically appear on my shelf. Periodically – because I change my care products so that the skin does not get used to it. Get used to it – the tool will cease to work so effectively. Therefore, I alternate with something new.

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I used to have a chocolate first aid kit to cheer up, which included selected dark chocolate with a good composition. But today it is enough for me to look at the sweet smile of the younger boy, or hear the wise conclusions of the elder, to smile back and get a portion of good mood.

A perfect day is Sunday… We are at the dacha. Yesterday’s guests have dispersed, and we are all resting. Attic. A glass of water with lemon. Conversations with my husband. Sleeping children. A kind and romantic movie or a couple of chapters from a new book. And in the evening we return home, passing by the weekend market. We are taking home a bunch of seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Over the past five years, everything in my life has changed – the way of life, the way of thinking… I got rid of “toxic” people. I overcame my complexes. For this to happen, you need to meet your person. My man and I are walking together in the same direction, raising adorable children, learning about life, falling in love with our projects, traveling the world, broadcasting love and spiritual well-being to the world. And this is the best thing that could have happened to me over the past 5-6 years.

Sometimes you need to quit your job and give yourself completely to your family.… And it happens that you need to leave the children and run away with your loved one to the cinema or restaurant. It’s just that everything has its time. In any case, the family is a spiritual space in which you gain strength. Now it is fashionable to say – this is my place of power. But I think some people take this phrase literally. For me, the power is not in the place, but in the people. People give us strength. And the family in particular.


・ ・ ・ Don’t ・ ・ ・

I hardly use decorative cosmetics… There is enough powder to make you feel confident. The main thing is to cleanse your face in time. At least once every six months. And vitamins A, B, E for hydration from the inside. Creams are creams, but they do not penetrate so deeply as to provide the skin with sufficient nutrition and hydration. For this, there are natural fats that I consume daily, and mesotherapy.

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Before the events, I am so absorbed in preparation and thoughts about him that there is simply no time for any beauty rituals… The ritual is there after. This is a full exhalation. Exhale, put your phone aside and devote yourself to your loved ones.
For the fifth year I don’t eat meat. Not in any form. There is only one reason – I don’t want to. During the first pregnancy, tastes changed, and meat disappeared by itself from the diet. I didn’t insist and didn’t set myself up – my body told me so. If you ever want to be sure to eat. In the meantime, I have enough fish, eggs, cheese. The main thing is everything in moderation.

My relationship with sports didn’t work out well… At school, I brought a note from my mother about release to physical education class. I bought tests at the university. Today I practice a light warm-up every day. Before the second birth, she stretched twice a week. Even during pregnancy I sat on a twine. Now I am taking an online course on diastasis correction. Just one centimeter, but it’s better to work on it today than worry tomorrow. Then I dream of returning to stretching – this is the most understandable and pleasant load for me. The gym is hard, yoga is boring, and stretching for me is a balance of physical activity and knowledge of my body.

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