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Kindness, sincerity and a subtle sense of beauty – I love Ksyusha Schneider for these qualities. Ksyusha was the main reason why my friends and I moved to Kiev for six months a few years ago and fell in love with this city. Every day, Ksenia develops her clothing brand Ksenia Schnaider, paying special attention to the environmentally friendly production and processing of fabrics, and by her example proves that the road to success always consists of daily work and faith in what you do. Under the heading Dos & Don’ts, Ksenia told us about her face and body care, her daily routine, workouts, nutrition and other principles that help her look so good and do a lot.

・ ・ ・ Do ・ ・ ・

Making the most of my morning… The most eventful and successful days I have are when I manage to go to bed early and sleep well. It’s not always possible to go to bed early, but I get up early every day – my body cannot do otherwise. No matter how much I go to bed, my eyes open themselves early in the morning without an alarm clock. Morning is the time when I plan things, write letters, make task lists for the team, and this is the time when the right ideas come to me. Colleagues joke that I actually send emails at 4-5 am from a bar or nightclub.

I like to use oils in my personal care… Twice a week before bed, I do a head massage with some oil. I often order something in Ayurvedic stores – I like it when the description of the hair oil contains phrases “helps to cope with negative thoughts” or something like that. Now I use cactus oil for hair loss, which I bought at a pharmacy in the UAE. For my face I use AESOP oil or coconut oil. In the kitchen, I also have an abundance of oils – I like to add pumpkin, sesame and mustard oil to my food.

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The first time I visited a beautician last year – before that, home care was enough for me. Now, if I am dissatisfied with my reflection in the mirror, I go to a beautician for a facial cleansing, massage or HydraFacial procedure.

I believe in good… I know that a smile opens any door, good conquers evil, and that every person has the potential for miracles and great deeds. This belief helps me a lot, and I never question it.

Once a week I go to the fitness club for personal training… On weekends, we go with friends to play squash or go with our daughter to jump on trampolines. Almost every morning I start with the Salutation to the Sun complex – I spread out the rug and put my body in order for ten minutes. But my favorite training format is when it’s already warm and you can run around the botanical garden or do some push-ups from the bench in the yard. And preferably not alone, but in a cool company! Therefore, I am a fan of training with Tanya Ruban, when there are trees, fresh air and girlfriends around.

I give compliments and gifts… Sometimes the routine sucks in so much that I don’t even notice what a cool hairpin the seller in the supermarket has or what a beautiful dress a colleague has. And sometimes I notice, but do not speak, and then I regret. Saying something nice to another, bringing flowers to the office, making a surprise for my daughter or sending someone our jeans as a gift – these moments make my day better.

Relieve stress in a hot salt bath… After a particularly difficult and long days, all I want is to fall into a bath of sea salt and orange oil.

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I love good coffee and delicious tea, but I drink tea much more often. If you have a choice between coffee, tea and matcha latte, I will always choose the latter. Loved this taste from the first sip. I always drink tea and coffee without sugar.

・ ・ ・ Don’t ・ ・ ・

I do not eat food from the microwave and do not cook for future use… I love to cook and do it for my family every day. I have no practice in making soups for three days. I cook very simply, quickly, but with great love. Most often I cook porridge with spices and sesame oil, bake vegetables and love to improvise with salads. I haven’t eaten meat for ten years.

I don’t read bad news or watch horror movies… I’m too impressionable and sympathetic – my heart just breaks. I take care of my nerves and try to limit the amount of negative information in my life, because in most cases I can no longer help.

I really want to someday have a point “I do not condemn”, but so far it sounds like this: I learn not to condemn… This point is hard for me. I am learning to be more relaxed about other people’s mistakes and not be a judge to anyone.

I don’t work with people who don’t like what they do… I find people with burning eyes who dream of changing the world for the better.

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