Spirulina, water and clay masks: how to care for a model’s skin

The skin reflects our internal state and constantly reacts to external changes. The weather, nutrition, stress and the daily dose of joy are constantly changing, and with them the condition of our skin changes. The way models’ skin looks is one of the factors of their successful career. Model Sophie Darrigo-Nenasheva told us about spirulina, her favorite care products and simple principles that help maintain healthy and glowing skin 365 days a year.

More stress, more water

During stress, many complex biochemical processes take place in the body and the so-called stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline are produced. If in normal concentration they benefit, tone up, stimulate the brain, then in case of excess, they harm the body. To recover faster from stress and reduce the concentration of these hormones in the blood, you need to drink more water. Plain water will help reduce the concentration of cortisol and adrenaline, as well as quickly remove the waste products of these substances from the body.

Drinking coffee, alcohol, or caffeinated tea instead of water can make it much more difficult to recover from stress because these drinks are dehydrating. In the morning, the skin may react with dryness or inflammation. Sometimes in the evening, when I’m completely exhausted, I really want to drink coffee to cheer up, but I immediately remember that this will affect my appearance tomorrow and replace the coffee with herbal tea or a ginger shot.

I drink spirulina

Spirulina helps to maintain the beauty of the skin, its fat balance and the absence of facial rashes. Spirulina is a source of the powerful antioxidant phycocyanin. It heals the skin from the inside out and is used in the treatment of cutaneous dermatitis. Spirulina boosts immunity, contains 65% vegetable protein, B vitamins, magnesium, zinc and chlorophyll – everything you need for healthy and beautiful skin. If I get rashes on my face, I immediately start drinking spirulina, and as a rule, the rashes completely disappear by the third day.

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Let’s Juice!

I drink green juice almost every day – it has become a habit for me. For me, green juice works like taking vitamins or a good face mask. One of my favorite combinations: apple + lemon + ginger + kale or spinach. The cumulative effect of healthy eating and green juices helps me out on frequent shoots. When I have long flights and little time to sleep, my skin still maintains its healthy appearance without any salon procedures. Beauty and health are work and discipline.

I breathe

When stress levels reach critical levels, the release of cortisol into the bloodstream can trigger skin breakouts. To quickly get myself out of stress, I do simple breathing exercises. For example, I breathe through my left nostril, holding my right with my middle finger. Breathing is slow: inhale at the expense of 1, 2, 3, 4 and exhale also slowly. I keep breathing like this until I feel relaxed. I can breathe like that while I’m in a taxi or while I’m getting my hair done on set. This practice helps me a lot.

Clay Masks & Natural Tea Tree Oil Serums

During times of stress at work, PMS and long flights, I often cleanse my skin and apply products with tea tree oil. Tea tree’s antibacterial properties and deep cleansing help keep the T-zone clean and healthy. I love different clay masks, but my favorite is the Clinique City Block Purifying mask. After a hot shower, I apply it on my face while my hair dries in a towel. The mask penetrates deep into pores and perfectly cleanses. I wash off the mask with a special sponge with black charcoal and massage movements. The mask also contains micro-granules that provide a light scrubbing effect. This is my must-have ritual before and after shooting – I love it when my skin breathes and there is not a drop of pore-clogging products on it. After the mask I apply Hermes Fresh Line tea tree oil cream serum from the line for problem skin. The serum contains extracts of more than 10 herbs and natural ingredients. From the same series I use a face toner and a gel for washing. Whenever I need to shine on set, I use Estée Lauder patches and face masks.

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I hug. I laugh. I spend time with loved ones. This is what makes it glow from the inside, and no highlighter will help with this.

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