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After the birth of my daughter, I quickly returned to my favorite exercises, and breastfeeding and my eating habits helped to quickly return the body to its usual volumes. The most difficult thing now is to organize the time correctly so that there are hours or at least minutes left for exercise and body care. The regularity of yoga classes, going to the pool and massage once a month are important for me not so much to maintain a figure, but to feel cheerfulness and tone, to get rid of blues and unnecessary thoughts. Learn about my favorite body care products, the best natural deodorant (you already have at home!), Massage, yoga and swimming in this post.

Author: Olya Malysheva

Yoga twice a week

After the birth of my daughter, it became more difficult for me to do yoga at home myself. It is harder to set aside time for this, harder to concentrate, and harder to make the practice as effective on your own as in the studio. Now I try to study in the studio twice a week for an hour and a half – for me this is the ideal regularity. The lower back copes much better with the growing weight of the daughter. I feel stronger both physically and internally. The head is cleared of confused thoughts after each lesson. Since I have been practicing for more than 10 years, it is important for me that the lesson is intense enough. When legs or arms are shaken in a pose for balance, and the T-shirt becomes wet with sweat, I recall a common myth that yoga is boring. If you find your teacher and the intensity of practice that suits you, you will definitely not be bored. And the tone of the body and muscles will delight no less than after other exercises.

I’ve also tried Pilates this year, but after yoga, other activities seem less meaningful and less effective. He seemed to wave his arms and legs for 60 minutes, but a complete reboot did not work. It is very important for me that breathing exercises and all asanas in yoga work not only with the body, but also with the mind. Therefore, now, when I have the opportunity to practice only twice a week, I run specifically for yoga.

Swimming pool every 2-3 weeks

Swimming is very different from yoga in terms of its effects on the body. An hour in the pool and half an hour in the sauna – for me it is, first of all, powerful relaxation. Most likely, I do not swim professionally enough to get the same super tone from the pool as after yoga, and if I were swimming with a trainer, the effect would be completely different. But once every two or three weeks I want to get this joy from the contact of the body with water, feel the relaxation of every muscle and then watch the blush in the mirror for a long time after the sauna.

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Massage once a month

Taiki are my favorite body massage specialists. They always find all my problem areas in my back and work the clamps until it gets better. I always go for a body massage with oil and ask the master not to spare me by using stronger pressure. After the massage, the back straightens and remains perfectly straight for several more days. The mood also shifts noticeably towards the positive-joyful. It seems to me that if all women could get a good body massage on a regular basis, the incidence of postpartum depression would be much less common.

When I go for a body massage, I just go to the nearest Thai massage parlor. The beauty of the interior and the toilet is of little importance to me here. If you want to be in a good spa, I really like Mahash Spa on Tverskaya – I consider it one of the best spas in Moscow (massage in this salon is part of our Yoga & Spa detox program). And I really liked the Elm Tree Spa in the Alye Parusa residential complex – all the procedures there are done using the Comfort Zone brand. The last time I was on a face massage, I was so relaxed that I fell asleep at the end of the procedure and walked half the way home in shoe covers; )

Dry brush massage and scrubs for smooth skin

There are few treatments that are affordable and effective like dry brushing. You need to massage the body with a brush along the lymph flow – from the heels up, from the palms to the heart. By stimulating the lymph flow, this massage helps to remove excess fluid from the body, relieves swelling and adds tone to the skin. I have normal skin that is not prone to irritation, so I use tougher brushes. The latest find is an ionizing brush made of natural bristles, in the center of which is a thinnest copper-plated wire. Copper plating enhances the effect and adds a special feeling of vitality to the whole body – it can be compared to the effect of a contrast shower.

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A brush massage is even more effective than a scrub, but I like using a scrub as a ritual itself. Although I don’t drink coffee at all, I love it when the scent of a coffee scrub fills the bathroom.

Choking on tenderness

After a dry brush massage and a hot shower, I use organic coconut oil or other natural body oils. I apply them on still wet skin and distribute them evenly over the body. I walk around the house for a couple of minutes in a towel, and the oil has time to be completely absorbed. If I had to jump out of the shower because my daughter woke up and I didn’t have time to smear with oil, I use Weleda body milk – it is quickly absorbed and does not leave a film-like feeling on the skin. Instead of perfume, I use Comfort Zone “Tranquility” body oil – this is my favorite fragrance when you need to teleport to an atmosphere of calm and harmony.

For my hands I use Weleda cream or 22 | 11 hand cream that smells delicious of citrus. But hand care is something I can easily live without. Since I try to drink enough water throughout the day, including avocados, vegetable and butter, nuts and seeds in my diet, I very rarely suffer from dry skin.

Freshness itself

I never use aluminum deodorants – I think the potential risk from them is not worth it. One of the best and most affordable alternatives to classic deodorants is regular lemon juice (yah!). I used to tell about this trick only to my loved ones, so as not to be considered a long-haired hippie who smears lemon on his armpits, but I am sure that this simple recipe will be useful to many, because finding a good natural deodorant without aluminum is a real problem. The only deodorant I use besides lemon juice is Malin + Goetz Aluminum Free Deodorant.

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Natural deodorants neutralize unpleasant odors but do not block sweat glands. I believe that by blocking the secretion of sweat, we are acting against the nature of our body. But there are certainly cases when it is better to avoid wet armpit circles – before giving an interview to Channel One, you should either think about clothes or use a standard deodorant.

Fallback option

It is not always possible to get out to yoga twice a week. And finding time for a massage at least once a month is more of a luxury for me. Sometimes yoga is postponed too late for me (and especially for my daughter) time. Sometimes work does not let go. And although I always notice that a breakdown in regularity in classes affects my cheerfulness and tone, I try to replace classes with some alternatives. For example, I often spread my yoga mat at home (my daughter, at 13 months old, already perfectly repeats the dog’s pose with her face down). I do squats while I play with my daughter, and after putting her to bed I lie for at least a couple of minutes in shavasana or do a headstand. Instead of a pool, sometimes I just pour a hot bath with Epsom detox salt and those 20 minutes are enough to relax and switch my head.

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