Rita Nesterets on raw food, motivation and big changes

Two years ago Rita Nesterets was already in our Dos & Don’ts section. During this time, much has changed in Rita’s lifestyle. Rita talks about her transition to a raw food diet, external and internal changes, sports, books and films that inspire her, and skin care in this post.

About raw food, fasting and change

Five years ago, I was just a vegetarian. I was vegan a year ago. I have now switched to a raw food diet and am going to become a fructarian. I am greatly inspired by books and examples from real people. When I saw adult raw foodists, who are 50-60 years old, and how great they look, it became a great motivation for me.

Now I exclude any unnatural foods from my diet. I eat only food of plant origin – organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. I don’t eat anything packaged and processed (canned food, fast food, pastries, chocolates, chips, etc.), because I care about my health – both physical and mental. What we eat greatly affects not only our figure, but also our consciousness.

I’ve been on a raw food diet for less than a year, but I saw the changes in my body almost immediately. I eat a lot of fruit for breakfast. I love making acai bowls, chia puddings, smoothies, or fruit salad. Lunch and dinner are always almost the same for me – it’s a big vegetable salad. I really love fruits – this is one of the reasons why I am planning to switch to fruitarianism in the near future.

My favorite chia pudding recipe is to pour 1/4 cup chia seeds in a glass of water in the evening. In the morning I add whatever berries and fruits I have in the kitchen. And that’s it! Breakfast is ready.

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I practice dry fasting on Ekadashi, New Moon and Full Moon. In total, it turns out four times a month. I also starved for seven days on water and 14 days on fresh juices. I do this to cleanse the body and consciousness.

I was very impressed by the books The Miracle of Raw Food by Tony Zawast, The Miracle of Fasting and The Truth About Water and Salt by Paul Bragg, The Mucusless Diet by Arnold Eret, 80/10/10 by Douglas Graham and Norman Walker’s book Raw vegetable juices “. If you are interested in this topic, the documentaries “What the Health” and “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” are must-see.

The changes in my diet greatly influenced my character. I have become much more tolerant of people. She began to experience permanent love, care and tenderness. And now I like my figure a lot more. My skin condition has also improved dramatically. The skin on the body became very soft, and the rash on the face disappeared. And of course, noticeable changes have taken place in consciousness: a reassessment of values, a change in priorities, a change in the circle of friends and even the place of residence. There was a desire for nature and simplicity in everything.

About daily routine, sports and personal care

I get up at 5 am and go to bed at 10 pm – this regime is ideal for me. This regime is one of the main reasons for my stable and happy state.

My morning starts with a glass of distilled water with organic apple cider vinegar, a shower, and an hour of meditation. Then I go to sports, and only then I have breakfast.

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I do bikram yoga or run every day. Sometimes I just go hiking.

I try to use only organic brands in skin and hair care. I don’t use nicknames, body creams and shower gels – only organic coconut oil, and very often I get compliments about my skin condition. I also use coconut oil or any other vegetable oil instead of a hair mask.

I love going to a Russian bath with brooms and a font. And I really love massage.

About switching to a raw food diet

If you decide to switch to a raw food diet, it’s very important to do it as smoothly and consciously as possible.

First go to vegetarianism, then veganism, and when you realize that you are ready both physically and mentally, you can gradually remove hot food. Be sure to cleanse your body: take a course of hydrocolonotherapy (bowel cleansing) – I do this procedure once a season. Try different cleansing techniques such as juices or herbs. Explore as much of the literature on this topic as possible. Explore constantly! And most importantly, you must understand why you are changing your diet. If your main goal is to lose weight, I would not recommend a raw food diet. This lifestyle is much more about internal changes than external ones.

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