10 foods I don’t eat

Before writing a long post about the nutrition of our daughter, I decided to tell you more about my nutrition, because most often my daughter eats the same thing as my husband and I. There are many blog posts on the topic of nutrition, but there is not a single one that talks about my daily diet. About why I do not eat meat, and what other foods I exclude from the diet – in this post.

Author: Olya Malysheva

1. I do not eat rolls, croissants, cakes, puffs and other sweet pastries. The last time I ate sweet buns was in my 1st year of university – 12 years ago (I write and feel how I am rapidly aging). I am completely neutral about the most beautiful croissants and fragrant bagels. I do not forbid them to myself, but I just do not want to. When traveling, I try pastries made from gluten-free flour or spelled and spelled flour.

If I am completely indifferent to sweet pastries, then I eat vegetarian pizza with pleasure once every one or two weeks. I never eat defrosted or cheap pizza with thick crust. If pizza, then only freshly prepared and always on a thin crust.

2. I do not eat processed, sausage cheese and most hard cheeses made from cow’s milk. Most often, to diversify the diet, we buy goat cheese or young cheeses made from cow’s milk – mozzarella, not very salted cheese and halloumi. I rarely eat Parmesan or blue cheese – I add them a little bit, more like a seasoning, and not the basis of a dish. In a good Italian restaurant I can order buffalo mozzarella. If served with sweet tomatoes, it’s love!

I don’t consider cheese a useful product, but I leave it in the diet for a palate and keep track of the amount. During periods of veganism, when I completely gave up cheese, there were too many nuts in the diet, which was not the best option for my digestion.

3. I do not eat sweet curds, yoghurts with additives, do not drink animal milk and milkshakes. Once a week I cook cheese cakes with corn flour and coconut sugar. I add good sour cream to soups and salads. For stewing and baking, I use filtered ghee ghee – we always prepare it ourselves (the recipe is in this post). I add coconut cream to soups and side dishes.

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I make the smoothie on the basis of nut milk, which I make myself from almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, Brazil nuts or pine nuts. I mix a handful of nuts with a glass of drinking water, pass it through a sieve – the milk is ready!

4. I never use refined oil and I try not to eat in cheap cafes, where it is actively added to all dishes. After eating with refined oil, discomfort always appears – I immediately feel how difficult it is for the body to digest it.

During refining, deodorization and filtration, in addition to smell and taste, the oil also loses most of its nutrients. The structure of fatty acid molecules changes and trans fatty acids (trans fats) are formed. Trans fats are poorly recognized by the body and can accumulate in our tissues and cells for years.

5. I do not eat soy sausage, soy cutlets and soy “meat” – for me these are the strangest foods in the diet of vegetarians. In general, I am wary of soy and I eat it infrequently and in small quantities – in miso soup, in soy sauce and occasionally in the form of tofu.

I wrote more about my attitude towards soy in this post.

6. I do not eat industrial sweets. Gum bears, lollipops, cookies, waffles and chocolates in the checkout area – all this has gone very far from the very idea of ​​food. We don’t have these products at home. It often seems that despite the bright packaging, in 2018 people should have enough knowledge not to eat such things. But habit and patterns often work against common sense. I myself am far from ideal, and although every year less and less, but sometimes I still eat shop ice cream. I choose the one with cream in the first place. And I try not to blame myself for the popsicle I eaten, because in any case I see progress: 10 years ago I could eat a bucket of ice cream in the movie belt, and now my maximum is one serving. I just don’t want more.

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7. I don’t eat pearl barley, oatmeal, bulgur and couscous – I just don’t like it. Perhaps this is a childhood trauma due to the tasteless breakfasts in kindergarten, but I never managed to fall in love with oatmeal. That being said, I love adding oatmeal to homemade desserts – cookies, candy bars, and sweet balls with nuts. Barley always seems too heavy, and bulgur and couscous are wheat, which I try to minimize in my diet.

8. I do not eat pickles, pickled tomatoes and other pickles. They always seem to me too sour or too salty. If you can eat fresh cucumber, why eat pickled cucumber? We do not use table salt at home – instead, we salt food with pink Himalayan salt, which contains about 80 useful microelements and does not retain fluid in the body as much as table salt.

9. Don’t eat meat. Neither white nor red, nor inwardness, nor appearance, nor sausages, nor soups in meat broth. I have not eaten meat for more than 12 years, and have never missed kebabs, sausages or burgers. I took the first and decisive steps towards vegetarianism when I read Indra Devi’s book on yoga. Following her, I read a hundred more books, articles and interviews on the topic of vegetarianism. The main motivation from the very beginning was health – a pleasant feeling of cheerfulness and lightness. I no longer wanted to sleep after eating, and during the day my energy increased significantly. The skin is no longer as problematic as it was from the beginning of adolescence. My stomach stopped hurting, although before that I suffered from stomach pains at least once every two weeks. I began to hear my body, its needs much better. I began to hear my intuition better. Over time, compassion for animals and a reluctance to eat corpses (even with a golden crust and with a delicious sauce) was also added.

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I am completely calm about those who eat meat, and do it with me at the same table, smacking their lips with pleasure. And I believe that quality meat products can be combined with a healthy lifestyle, and a vegetarian diet may not be healthy at all if it contains a lot of flour products and refined sugar.

10. I do not eat fish and seafood. In the first years without meat, I ate fish – most often salted red fish, and several times I even salted it myself. Then at one moment something switched, and I could not swallow even a small piece of fish. I haven’t eaten fish for eight years, but once a month at a cafe or at a party I can eat soup with fish broth or a spoonful of caviar.

Diet variety is important, but more importantly, which foods we exclude. Many people think that restrictions can deprive us of something important, but by eliminating these foods, I made my diet much more varied. It’s like stopping communicating with a person who only delivers unpleasant emotions – immediately someone new appears in life, who brings a wave of joy and positive emotions.

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