What do I eat during the day

I do not count calories and do not make a menu for the week. I like to listen to my body and my intuition. It is important for me that the diet is varied, and that it is based on vegetables and fruits, and in addition to them cereals, legumes, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, mushrooms, eggs and dairy products. In the last post, I talked about 10 foods I don’t eat. In this post I tried to describe what my diet now consists of – what I eat and drink for breakfast, what lunch and dinner look like, and what I eat during the day.


The first thing I do in the morning is drink 1–2 large glasses of water. I drink hot water with lemon or lime juice. This has been the beginning of my day for ten years, so there is always a supply of lemons or limes at home. Before, after a glass of water, I always did exercises on an empty stomach, but from pregnancy to this day, while I am still breastfeeding, I wake up quite hungry, so right after the water I make a smoothie, juice or eat fresh fruit.

In the morning I squeeze juice from those vegetables and herbs that are at home. It can be a mix of carrots, apples, beets and ginger. Or green juice made from celery, cucumbers, apples, parsley and spinach. Sometimes you want to add more ginger, sometimes more greens, and sometimes the juicer is unwashed from yesterday and there is no time for juice at all. When there is an opportunity to stop by the 365 detox point in Tsvetnoy in the evening, I always take shots with vitgrass or Happy Green juice with pineapple and herbs in the morning – they are my favorites!


If it’s a smoothie, I always make it with peanut milk. I make milk myself from almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts or hemp seeds. I take a handful of nuts into a glass of water, mix in a blender at high speed, and then filter through a sieve or special bag. Then I mix this milk with different ingredients. I like thicker smoothies that I need to eat with a spoon. I almost always add a banana, and in addition to it, there can be frozen berries and dried apricots or fresh spinach and pineapple or pear and mango. From superfoods, I like to add a little hemp protein to my smoothies, and I often add a spoonful of chia seeds to the smoothie glass.

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We often buy ripe mangoes, pineapple, blueberries and other overseas fruits. They are not at all necessary in the diet, but they bring so much pleasure! They replace pastries and cakes for us at home, and until the season of berries and watermelons has begun, they bring variety to the diet.

If on this day I leave for work before noon or go for a walk with my daughter, after smoothies and fruits, I usually eat a plate of buckwheat, rice or millet. It can also be a sandwich made from sprouted wheat or rye flour with olive oil and avocado or goat cheese. Sometimes I eat two eggs with butter and salt. It all very much depends on my appetite for this day and upcoming plans.



Legumes! Over the past year, I especially fell in love with legumes – they saturate for a long time and turn any soup into a hearty meal. If I work from home, I almost always eat soup with peas, red lentils, or chickpeas for lunch. Soups are based on vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, carrots, pumpkin, bell peppers, sweet potatoes), and legumes add texture. In addition to the soup, there is often a fresh vegetable salad with avocado, or simply sliced ​​cucumber and tomato. If for lunch I cooked a light soup without beans, buckwheat with flaxseed oil, rice with coconut cream and curry, quinoa or boiled beetroot with goat cheese become an addition to it.



If I didn’t eat eggs that day, the basis of the dinner can be an omelet with goat milk or coconut cream. Most often I make an omelet with spinach, and then sprinkle it with goat cheese on top. Another option is spinach quiche or cornmeal pasta with mushrooms and pesto. The base can also be leftover cereals, baked sweet potatoes or potatoes. Vegetables are always added – fresh, stewed or baked. Eggplant, zucchini, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, carrots, cauliflower – lettuce or hot.

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For texture, I like to add goat cheese or toasted Adyghe cheese, pumpkin seeds, pecans or walnuts to salads and side dishes. I add them a little, using them more like spices.

Sometimes dinner is made up of what’s left of lunch and what’s in the fridge. Spices, aromatic olive or flaxseed oil and a delicious sauce help you make a delicious dinner from the simplest foods.


The snacks themselves and their number during the day very much depend on where I am today (I usually eat more often at home) and what kind of physical activity I have this week (the day after a shock yoga session, the body asks for more nuts and cheese). One of my favorite snacks is royal dates along with pecans, brazil nuts or walnuts. Slice of sweet date plus a nut, mmm! Sometimes I make balls of nuts and dates, but we eat them very quickly. I also like to eat a couple of tablespoons of 365 detox chocolate spread with tea, gluten-free nut cookies or a few pieces of our natural chocolate – both without refined sugar in the composition. Other snack options include an avocado with salt, smoothies or green juice, a banana, carrot bread, a cucumber with a slice of cheese, or a handful of raisins.

Some days go by with no snacks at all. In others, on the contrary, it is not possible to fully dine, so lunch is replaced by snacks. Sometimes the menu consists mainly of light vegetables and fruits, and sometimes you want more hearty legumes, eggs and cereals. I feel best when I drink green juices and enough water, eat large portions of salads, and do not eat three hours before bed. Like everyone else, I have days when the diet during the day is quite meager: orange, buckwheat, banana, a handful of nuts and buckwheat again. But I try to make such days rather an exception. Variety, spontaneity, intuition, and whole ingredients are at the core of my diet today.

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