About the development of children without developing activities

If I had to choose only one book for novice parents, I would definitely choose the book “The Secret Support” by Lyudmila Petranovskaya. I am now rereading the chapters about three and four year olds, and after each paragraph I really want to hug the author. This post contains my favorite quotes from the book on child development:

“The best thing we can do to develop our children at a tender age is not to interfere with their play. Sometimes to participate in games, sometimes to turn household chores or walks into a game, sometimes just not to touch him if he is passionate. Do not strive to “occupy” the child – let him get bored, dream, let him slowly watch the ant or leave the pebbles in the pond. This is not self-indulgence, not an empty pastime, it is the sacrament of development. “

“For a child to want to know everything, no special techniques are needed, he just needs to be interesting and not afraid. It’s okay when everything is fine with the parents. When they love when they are around, when you are good to them. If the child is lonely, rejected, if he is afraid of parental anger and disappointment, he cannot develop. And if a child is calm about his relationship with his parents, he immediately turns his back on them, and faces the world, and goes to explore it. “

“The best contribution to a child’s future is simply a large amount of diverse and lively communication with all family members, in which adults themselves show emotional maturity, attention to the feelings of their own and those around them.”

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“If a child lives in a mentally and spiritually rich, interesting, intriguing environment, if the parents themselves are interested in everything, if they have smart and interesting friends with whom they communicate with children, if they have an interesting and beloved job that they talk about at home, they do not need to develop anything specifically in the child. Following and the natural need to learn will do their job – everything will develop beautifully by itself, you will not hold back. “

“A lot of things are needed for a child to develop well and his cognitive activity to flourish. You need the love of parents, a good atmosphere in the house, security, trust. So that they do not tug, do not forbid and so that they do not lead all the time. But so that at the same time they do not keep in cotton wool and have surprises, adventures and moderate stress in the child’s life. And all this, of course, requires a lot of work, although not at all in the sense in which parents think, from morning to evening, engaged in the “development” of the child. “

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