10 products that we always have at home

10 products that we always have at home

July 2, 2019 Reviews

These ten products are always at home. Among them are seven edible ones, one perfect hair brush, favorite shampoo and toothpaste.

  1. Beetroot crispbreads from Vkusvilla The Parisian Dream is one of the most delicious breads in Moscow. Crispy, yeast-free and flour-free. And without increased rigidity – the crumbs do not scratch the throat, as is often the case with crisp bread.
  2. Butter and cottage cheese “Ruzskoe milk” – if we buy dairy products from cow’s milk, then most often from this company.
  3. Clipper green tea bags – classic or with aloe. For me this tea tastes better than any loose tea. I try not to get carried away with caffeine, but I drink one or two cups of green tea almost every day.
  4. Unfiltered olive oil “Il Grezzo” Costa d’Oro – very tasty, with a pronounced aroma of olives. Ideal for salads and side dishes. We also love olive oil De Cecco and Filippo Berio.
  5. Jerusalem artichoke syrup 365 detox – I use it most often as a sweetener. I add it to my daughter’s curd, cheese cakes and corn pancakes. It has a low glycemic index and a pleasant caramel flavor.
  6. Whole grain corn and spelled flour from Vkusvilla are always available at home. Corn flour is great for pancakes, while spelled flour is great for cheesecakes and cookies. For some reason, the “Garnets” brand has corn flour quickly becomes rancid, the flour from “Vkusvilla” does not have such a problem.
  7. 365detox gluten free and refined sugar cookies are always in my bag, at home in my kitchen cupboard and at my office. It is based on chickpea flour, cashews and green buckwheat flour. No eggs or milk. I love hazelnut, and my daughter makes herself a “sandwich” of hazelnut and chocolate.
  8. Toothpaste Marvis – it contains SLS, but with it the teeth really whiten. And the best toothbrush is Curaprox.
  9. Wooden hair brush Acca Kappa – it brushes the hair perfectly and massages the head. After a year of active combing, the teeth begin to fly out, and I go to Cosmotheca for the next one.
  10. Kevin Murphy Shampoo – I’ve been washing my hair with Plumping shampoo for three years now. And I don’t use any balms or hair masks. In search of variety, I try shampoos from other brands once a month, but each time I give them to my husband 😬.
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