7 signs of a superman or I’m a man

Health & appearance

The favorite hero of the film, who looks 100% and is always in a hurry to help, is a male ideal that does not correspond to reality. Although, perhaps, some women see their superman that way. As a rule, men look after their appearance and health, but devote a minimum of their time and as needed to this. Clothing? The main thing is comfort and style, the rest does not matter, even if your favorite sneakers are already 5 years old.

The beginning signs of a cold will not drive men headlong to the doctor. For the most part, men give in to people in white coats, with which women periodically face. This is not a sign of weakness. Just feeling unwell (fever, sore throat,

How to cure a cough?

cough) breaks plans and men need time to schedule a visit to the doctor. Isn’t that right, men?

Health issues concern men no less than women. Among them, the first place is occupied by problems associated with erection and potency. By the way, many women are sure that men think about sex all the time. They think, but not as often as they seem. According to the study, on average, men think about sex about 19 times a day, while women – about 10. There is nothing unnatural in the fact that men think about sex and they care about men’s health. This is the main male concern that modern supermen solve under the guidance of urologists, venereologists and sexologists. The same applies to solving proctological problems (hemorrhoids, anal fissures, polyps in the anus). Today, going to a proctologist does not become something out of the ordinary for either men or women. This is normal.

Viktoria Karaban, a neuropathologist at the ON Clinic Kharkiv medical center, says:

“For a man, delicious food, good sleep, sports and sex are a starter kit for conquering new heights. For men, everything is planned. Striving for a rational and functional order maintains a stable male emotional-mental state, gives self-confidence, protects against stress and makes it possible to maintain clarity of thought in any situation. “


Men demonstrate strength and power in communication with women, partners and colleagues, they show them while driving and even with their gait. To win, you need to be confident in yourself and your sexuality. Women melt and other men sense a rival, which makes the superman move forward.

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The hormone testosterone is responsible for male sexual activity and libido, which has a beneficial effect on the elasticity of the skin and muscles, good mood, as well as on intestinal motility. A good male appetite is due to the normal level of testosterone in the body. No wonder they say: the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. No man will refuse to eat delicious food. This means that even the most impregnable fortress can be conquered, right?

At the same time, an excess of testosterone in men increases aggression, irritability, increases the risk of impotence and heart attack, leads to acne, an enlarged prostate with difficulty urinating. To avoid this, a man must monitor his health, lead a regular sex life. The same is true for women. According to different polls, every second respondent wants to have sex more often.

Sex is an integral part of a man’s life, it is a way to escape from problems and routine, take a break to relax and make adjustments to the plan to conquer the world. Men will agree that they are looking for regular and not boring intimate relationships, they attach importance to the question of the size of the penis more often than the presence of cubes on the stomach.

It seems to me that a superman is not someone who has “big” and not someone who can make love three times in a row with a break of a couple of minutes. These are individual parameters that, due to male nature, can be different. Sex should be fun for both partners, not an endurance race. The superman remembers sexual hygiene, does not ignore contraception when engaging in vaginal or anal sex, take care of sexual pleasure and the health of his partner.

A superman does not always want sex and also may not be in a “mood” due to various reasons (stress, everyday problems). This is proved by the results of the conducted polls. With age, sexual activity decreases, including due to diseases of the genitourinary system.


Many women are tormented by the question of why men pay so much attention to sports, whether it is a football match on TV or a workout in the gym. For men, sport is a competition, another way to declare themselves, to prove their superiority and superiority, an opportunity to relieve tension and feel an adrenaline rush. And also playing sports is a guarantee of good physical shape. The superman is tough, strong and you can rely on him for more than just moving the closet. Having come on a date, a woman unconsciously evaluates not only her figure, but also the partner’s “healthy” genes. According to research, women prefer taller men with an athletic physique.

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Urologist at the ON Clinic Dnepr medical center Sergey Demidenko advises:

“Running loads stimulate the cardiovascular system and testosterone production, while strength exercises (for example, with a barbell) improve potency. But you need to be careful with swimming: water sports have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, but prolonged stay in cool water is fraught with the occurrence of diseases of the genitourinary system (pyelonephritis, prostatitis and cystitis). “


A charismatic man is a woman’s dream. Male charisma embodies a set of different qualities – it is an explosive mixture of brutality, charm, gallantry, politeness and self-control. Such men radiate magnetism, confidence in their words and deeds, they are trusted.

Every man is able to develop charisma in himself – a quality that psychologists attribute to acquired character traits. But, of course, you have to make an effort to get the result. According to research, women are much more likely to like charismatic men with a normal appearance than those who look more suited to conventional beauty standards.

Ability to hold on

Every day a man lives through many different scenarios in which it is important for him not to lose face, maintain composure and be able to clearly express himself, sometimes seasoning reality with humor. It takes a lot of effort and the ability to take responsibility for your behavior.

For this reason, the male nervous system is often tense to the limit, which threatens the appearance of depression, increased anxiety, sleep disturbances, problems with memory and concentration. The superman should be able to switch to another activity, such as a hobby (sports, fishing, hunting).


A man rarely lives as a loner. Only in relationships does he open up and achieve harmony with himself and the world around him, strive for more, and makes sense. Feminine parameters like firm breasts and buttocks are important, but men never look for the perfect woman. If they like long hair, they won’t pay attention to a couple of extra pounds. Most likely, it will be women who will bother.

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In most cases, weight problems in women and men can be solved with proper nutrition and exercise, if, of course, you are not lazy. If the problem is hidden deeper (for example, diseases of the endocrine system, hormonal disorders), the attending physician (endocrinologist, gynecologist, urologist) will help keep the weight normal.

It is important for men to win recognition, consistently receive affection and tenderness, and when choosing a companion, the decisive vote is given to the maternal potential and women’s health (including the number of sexual partners, the assessment of a woman’s sexual constitution). Beauty for men is not the most important criterion in the competition for the role of a wife.

Most of all men value friendliness and humor in women. In most cases, women prefer men who make them laugh, and men prefer women who can laugh at their jokes. Evolutionary scientists suggest that women find men’s humor sexy, which in the subconscious speaks of the “quality” of a partner.


There is a joke about a real man: a real man does not drink, does not smoke, is not jealous and does not exist. It really is. The male rhythm of life does not exclude bad habits and does not always promote a healthy lifestyle. Today a man can agree to healthy food, and tomorrow he will choose chips and beer. This choice does not make him any less real. Perhaps this is a dislike for monotony, or perhaps a choice that you should not often focus on. Although, for example, an unhealthy diet can add health problems (affects the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, skin condition), and smoking can lead to the development of respiratory diseases (occurs

What is the connection between asthma and pneumonia?

What is the connection between asthma and pneumonia?

asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchitis, tracheitis). I think that a superman is, first of all, a healthy man.

A man realizes himself and improves himself all his life. This is normal and deserves respect. New goals – new achievements and nothing else. A superman is a player in every sense, because the conquests of the new and unknown always attract and temper the male nature.

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