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When I recently saw Yana Streltsova on Instagram, I immediately thought how much we have in common! Yana has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and has opened two yoga studios in Kiev. Her passion for healthy eating grew into the Green Chef project. Yana’s two-year-old son, together with his mother, prepares green smoothies in the morning and drinks them so deliciously in Yana’s stories that I want to run to the kitchen to turn on my blender as soon as possible. Yana talked about how her daily diet and daily routine looks, about her favorite care products and procedures, about her son’s nutrition, and why she completely excludes peanuts and dairy products. …

・ ・ ・ Do ・ ・ ・

I spent a long time rebuilding my diet, trying a raw food diet, veganism, vegetarianism and Ayurvedic food. In the end, I settled on the 80/10/10 formula, which was ideal for me. This formula is based on carbohydrates from plant-based foods (vegetables, fruits, and whole grains), which make up 80% of the diet. 10% – mainly vegetable protein, 10% – mainly vegetable fats. Based on this formula, my daily diet is built: three main meals and two snacks.

Every main meal must contain greens and vegetables, as well as whole grains (usually gluten-free), vegetable protein and all kinds of superfoods with minimal heat treatment. Some of the favorite foods on my menu are: avocado, sweet potato, quinoa, chickpeas, coconut, almonds, dates, hemp seeds and various superfoods.

My approximate daily diet:

  • After waking up a glass of water.
  • 8.00 – morning smoothie with vegetables, fruits or berries.
  • 9.00–10.00 – vegetable salad.
  • 13.00–14.00 – lunch with whole grains and vegetable protein, vegetables and superfoods.
  • 16.00–17.00 – dessert without sugar, toast with avocado, nuts, fruits, vegetable chips.
  • 19.00–20.00 – various vegetables, maybe some cereals and vegetable protein.
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My morning starts with a glass of water. Then there is a twenty-minute express complex: pranayama, nauli, surya namaskar. After 30 minutes – the first breakfast: berries, fruits or vegetable smoothie. The time for hearty breakfasts is long gone. In the morning, the body is cleansed of toxins and toxins, and it needs help in this. Therefore, breakfast should be light and green. If I want to eat later, or if I have a morning workout, I have my second breakfast.

The birth of a child made adjustments to my daily routine. For the last 2.5 years I have been living according to my son’s regime and I really like it. I usually get up around 8:00 in the morning. If the child’s sleep was restful and I slept well, the morning turns out to be very productive for working out new recipes and dishes, so I’m most often at home until noon. By 12:00 I arrive at the office to control all production processes and work at the computer. Back home by 19:00 for dinner and time with my family. Ideally, I go to bed at 10:00 pm, but when there is a lot of work I can stay awake until 2:00 am.

There are no problems with the nutrition of my son Lyosha – he clearly knows what junk food is. Our diet with him is practically the same. The basis of his menu is vegetables, whole grains and vegetable protein. The menu is very varied and lively.

If we order pizza in a restaurant, then always with a large portion of vegetables. If Lyosha wants to try products from the “forbidden” list, I always allow him, but at the same time I explain why he shouldn’t eat it often. It seems to me that at 2.5 years old, he understands more about nutrition than many people at 50 years old.

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I am a conservative in the choice of cosmetics – I have been using only Biologique Recherche products for about eight years. Serums and masks are ideal for home care, and in the salon I do Biologique Recherche microcurrents and other procedures.

I have been doing yoga for over 10 years. Yoga makes my life deeper and more meaningful, and my body is strong and young. Meditation helps you relax and look at what is happening around you from a different angle. Only yoga gives such sensations in the body and head. In order for more people to have the opportunity to experience this for themselves, I opened two yoga studios in Kiev.

The cleaner and more balanced my diet, the better and faster my hair grows. – there are no other secrets. I have never drunk special vitamins and do not really believe in their power. I do styling in the salon twice a week. Sometimes I have time to do Olaplex or Happiness for Hair. At home I have a variety of hair masks, but there is always not enough time for them.

Before an important event, I myself do a facial massage and use vacuum jars for my face. If done regularly, it works better than any hardware procedure.

・ ・ ・ Don’t ・ ・ ・

I have not eaten meat for about 15 years. It has always been a difficult food for my digestion. First, I excluded red meat and pork, a little later chicken. Lectures by Torsunov and Marva Ohanyan added knowledge and confidence to me that I was on the right track. The books by Collin Campable and Douglas N. Graham also influenced my decision to give up meat and dairy products.

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After the birth of my son, I completely gave up cow’s milk products. Thanks to this, I forgot about my endless allergies and skin problems.

I don’t eat white sugar, refined flour and processed grains – the benefits of them are zero, respectively, only empty calories and no saturation. I do not eat various store-bought “snacks”: chips, sauces, canned food, cookies, sweets, pasteurized juices.

We don’t have refined oil at home – it contains a large amount of Omega-6, which causes inflammation in our body.

I do not eat peanuts which holds the record for Omega-6 content, causes allergies and is a very heavy food.

I do not drink alcohol for about 10 years and very subtly feel its negative effect on my body. I am suspicious of people who claim that small amounts of alcohol are useful.

I will never agree with the version of many parents that it is difficult to feed a child with something other than pizza, pasta and French fries. I think this is an excuse and unwillingness to waste time with children.

Yana on instagram: @yanastryeltsova

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