10 principles of healthy eating for beginners

If you had to tell a beginner about healthy eating in five minutes, I would tell you about these 10 principles:

1. Don’t eat refined foods. Refined sugar, refined fructose, refined oil, refined flour, refined table salt – if you exclude all foods with these ingredients, your diet will become healthy very quickly. ⠀

2. Eat lots of vegetables and greens. Fresh and cooked. Every day and with every meal. Vegetables are the best staple in any diet. ⠀

3. Watch for variety. Diversity of the diet – the ability to get all the necessary nutrients from food, not from dietary supplements. ⠀

4. Measure is a guarantee of health. Once a year, you can overeat salads at the New Year’s table, but frequent overeating is contrary to a long and healthy life. ⠀

5. Early dinner and a break at least at 12 o’clock between dinner and breakfast (for example, dinner ended at 19:00, breakfast no earlier than 7:00). ⠀

6. Introduce any changes in diet gradually. Be honest with yourself, consider your current lifestyle and your capabilities.

7. Give up feelings of guilt, perfectionism and labels. Strive for the best version of yourself, but not for the ideal.

8. Do not eat in front of the computer, in front of the TV, or with the phone in hand. I don’t always succeed, but I try. And I remember about the previous point 😊

9. Allow yourself to eat everything, but let useless food be the exception rather. Someone eats 80% of what is useful, and 20% is not very good. Someone eats a glazed cheese once a day, and someone drinks a glass of wine once a month.

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10. Don’t think too much about food. Find a system that doesn’t make you a hostage to your diet.

These principles work regardless of the system chosen – vegetarian, paleo, or keto. And it often seems to me that any nutrition system (even the strangest one) can give good results, if you follow these ten principles🖖🏼

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