Ayurveda guru Robert Freedom on good digestion, weight loss and striving for excellence

The first time I read the book by Robert Svoboda “Prakriti” eight years ago – then she strongly inspired me to study Ayurveda and questioned many dogmas about healthy eating. I do not follow all the recommendations and still do not understand what my constitution is, but many principles of Ayurveda are very close to me. According to Ayurveda, there is no one diet right for everyone. Even for one person, the diet should change depending on the season, physical activity and the number of stressors. If you have only read short excerpts about Ayurveda, this book by Robert Svoboda will help you gain deeper knowledge and start putting it into practice. On the simple principles of good digestion and the causes of excess weight, on the protein diet and the nature of stress – we have collected selected quotes from the book in this post.

Take health into your own hands

“Modern doctors tend to ignore individuality. They often look at people as “livers” or “lungs” and forget about the individual to whom the liver and lungs belong. One and the same treatment may seem like a panacea for all patients, and they lose sight of the fact that even among those suffering from the same disease there may be different variations of it. This approach to treatment cannot help restore balance in the body. Since doctors are often unable to restore the health of their patients, patients in our time should learn this themselves. Anyone who wants to be healthy must learn as much as possible about health himself. “

Simple principles of good digestion

“The healthiest food in the world turns into the worst of poisons if you cannot properly digest and assimilate it. Digestion begins in the mouth, at the moment when the tongue tastes food, because by the time the food reaches the intestines, the digestive organs should be ready to receive it. Information about tastes is transmitted from the tongue directly to the brain, which determines which fats, proteins or carbohydrates are included in the food and what kind of enzymes must be released for optimal assimilation. “

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“Don’t eat when you are not physically hungry. If you’re not sure if you’ve ever been hungry, fasting day will give you an idea of ​​what it is. Do not eat in a state of irritation, depression and other emotionally unbalanced conditions, as well as immediately after exercise. “

“It’s best if your right nostril works well while you eat, as it increases your digestive fire. To make it work, you can lie on your left side for a few minutes before eating, or breathe rhythmically for several minutes through your right nostril, while closing your left with the middle finger of your right hand. To catch your breath in your right nostril, you can also just plug your left nostril or pull your left hand behind the back of your chair. “

“Concentrate on the eating process. No TV, radio, tape recorder, or conversation should distract you. Observe silence while eating; after eating, sit down and talk about something pleasant. Chew slowly, chewing each bite thoroughly. If possible, eat with your hands so that the skin can signal the temperature and structure of food to the brain. “

“If you overeat or feel physically weak, lie down on your left side for a few minutes, trying not to fall asleep. You need to get your right nostril working well enough to keep your digestion hot. Try not to eat too late at night. Avoid kapha-enhancing foods such as melon, yogurt, sesame seeds, cheese, or ice cream in the evening. In general, any cold food weakens digestion. “

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Overweight, loneliness, and harsh diets

“The real cause of obesity is abundance in the mind. Your transformation begins when you break up with the boredom that forces you to eat because you can’t find a better thing to do. Self-loathing, which causes you to overeat out of regret for your perceived inability to change, is also a form of abundance. Your goal should be to transform yourself, not lose weight. Losing weight is part of that transformation and happens automatically. “

“When you are trying to lose weight, loneliness is far more harmful to you than a diet high in fat. Most strict diets are in fact self-destructive because they are based on self-loathing and aversion to fat and self, the weakness of which allows fat to accumulate. This attitude leads to the desire to starve the body to death in order to punish the mind. The body feels hungry during any severe diet and, because it does not like to starve, takes action to preserve its highest energy tissue by lowering the metabolic rate so that fat is burned more slowly. In addition, it also tries to first burn those tissues that are less needed. Therefore, anyone who is on a diet but does not exercise will lose muscle in the first place, since they are not used. “

About the protein diet

“A high protein diet can promote rapid weight loss, but it creates excess waste and overstimulates the mind. In contrast, a diet high in carbohydrates (eg, including high amounts of whole grains) causes relaxation and “softening”. Losing weight will be more pleasant and less stressful if you consume reasonable amounts of carbohydrates. They are also needed to burn fat, and therefore trying to deny yourself all carbohydrates and live on protein and vegetables will make weight loss more difficult and less reliable. “

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Stress vs. Equilibrium

“Stress arises whenever you have to adjust to a new situation. Every time your environment – your physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual environment – changes, you must change with it and re-establish balance with it. Your immunity is your elasticity, that is, the ability to roll in the direction of the push and quickly return to normal even after the dastiest blows. As stress increases, the load on your immune system increases. When the load gets too much, your immune defenses fail and you get sick. “

Pleasures That Don’t Make Us Better

“The pleasure that consumes all the time is, in fact, slavery, because the more we consume, the more addiction we become. Unlimited self-indulgence makes us less free because it reduces our self-sufficiency. Each of our addictions – be it caffeine, sugar, salt, alcohol, drugs, sports performances, television shows, gambling or other indulgences – is another nail in the coffin of our freedom, an even greater constraint on our individuality. Many of us do not even know how to properly satisfy our desires, and the side effects of pleasure weaken and kill us. True enjoyment of life is possible only with true health. “

Reaching perfection

“If you have not yet achieved immortality, then your health is a dynamic, not a permanent state. There is no limit for the harmony in you, and there is no limit for the harmony that you can create around you. “

“Our task on this imperfect planet is to constantly work towards achieving relative perfection. Perfecting the world begins with perfecting yourself. Self-improvement requires peace in oneself, which begins with removing one’s physical, mental and emotional limitations. Understanding, honesty, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion are your tools for self-improvement. “

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