9 principles of good sleep

9 principles of good sleep

April 4, 2020 Useful Tips

Going to bed early is much more difficult for me than eating healthy meals and exercising every day. But I try really hard, really! Like nutrition, sleep strongly affects how we look and how we feel. Our metabolism and our digestion, the health of our skin, our mood, memory and our immunity depend on the quality and quantity of sleep.

Among my principles of good sleep: ⠀

  • Fresh air should flow into the bedroom in any weather. I can sleep under a thick, thick blanket, but I must leave the window ajar. With the window closed, I always sleep 10 times worse.
  • I have been sleeping without a pillow for almost half my life. My hand is the maximum that I put under my head.
  • Once upon a time I learned the importance of sleeping in complete darkness. In our bedroom, not a single small lamp on any device shines, and the windows are always covered with blackout curtains or blinds.
  • If the phone stays in the bedroom at night, it is in airplane mode. We always turn off the Wi-Fi at night and never leave our phones charging in the bedroom.
  • The best sleepwear is none.
  • A good workout is the key to sound sleep and fast sleep.
  • Going to bed before midnight is a big progress for me. Until I was thirty, I rarely fell asleep before one in the morning. Only recently I realized how much better, fresher, more vigorous, stronger and more cheerful I feel if I fall asleep before 00:00. Both the skin and digestion like this regime much more.
  • I don’t drink coffee at all, but I love green tea, which also contains invigorating caffeine. I try not to drink it after 18:00, so as not to toss and turn from insomnia later.
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Since I quickly get bored of following any rules, I go to bed much later once a week. And I always watch with interest the reaction of the body to a lost regime the next day – lethargy, mood swings and an increased need for snacks and sweets appear. There is only one conclusion: no movie or interview on YouTube is worth it 🖖🏽

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