10 foods and combinations I don’t like in a healthy diet 🙊

I believe that even the healthiest food should be delicious. And I believe that if the product is very useful, but tasteless, you don’t need to torture yourself (if we are not talking about treatment). I love broccoli, spinach, avocado, ginger and celery juice, but there are at least 10 healthy foods that I never include in my diet:

1. Hard crisps that scratch the throat 🤦🏻‍♀️ Even bread made from the most organic and greenest buckwheat should not be a test for the teeth and throat. It’s the same with tough vegetable chips.

2. Green buckwheat – I understand that it is healthier than usual, but I do not understand how you can love it in the form of porridge. I eat green buckwheat bread and pastries based on green buckwheat flour with pleasure. And I also love sprouted green buckwheat! But if it’s porridge, then only from ordinary fried buckwheat.

3. Fresh apples in vegetable salads – an apple with cabbage, an apple in a vinaigrette. Brrr! It’s like adding a banana to Olivier.

4. Skin on cucumbers and apples – I peel it not because it contains pesticides and nitrates, but because in 90% of cases it is tastier without the skin. Only recently picked country cucumbers are delicious with the skin.

5. Soaked nuts – can only be eaten in the form of sauce, nut milk or desserts. When soaked nuts are dried in the oven or dehydrator, they taste good again. But I never eat just soft soaked nuts and seeds.

6. Stevia – among sweeteners it has many advantages, but it almost always adds such an unpleasant aftertaste that it is impossible to eat such desserts.

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7. Oatmeal – no matter how many berries and superfoods are added to it, I cannot eat it. Absolutely. And vegetable cutlets with oatmeal – brrr. I only love oatmeal in oatmeal cookies.

8. 90% herbal tea. Especially with licorice root. I love ginger tea and ivan tea, but almost all other tastes seem very boring.

9. Bars and crispbreads made from whole flaxseeds. Flaxseeds are very healthy, but they have such a tough shell that you must grind them in a coffee grinder.

10. Amaranth porridge – I tried to cook it several times, but neither I, nor my husband, nor my daughter could eat it. In a cafe with amaranth porridge, I have never had any luck either 🙊

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