7 simple principles of good digestion

I have been exploring a variety of systems and approaches for over ten years, I love experimenting (especially on myself!), But I increasingly believe in the uniqueness of each of us. My lifestyle changes from year to year. Oops! A new project appears. Oops! I am pregnant and a person is growing inside me. Oops! I feed the new inhabitant of the planet with my milk. Oops! I am recovering from punch training. Oops! I slept very little and worked a lot. Oops! It’s so hot outside! And now it’s so cold that all the eyelashes are in the snow.

I live in very changeable conditions, and with them my diet changes. There are several principles that work for me regardless of the time of year, the amount of stress, or my mood. They help me maintain excellent digestion, a feeling of vitality, tone, and good condition of my skin and hair.

– 1 –

I never eat large amounts of peanut butter, even if it’s vegan and natural. Thick peanut butter sandwiches may look pretty in the pictures, but it’s too heavy a combination for my digestion. Peanuts themselves are one of the hardest foods to digest, and I never eat more than one tablespoon of it at a time, and I rarely do it. Peanuts are also very susceptible to mold, which produces harmful toxins on their surface. This mold is resistant to high temperatures and can negatively affect digestion and liver health. Determining the presence of this mold on peanuts is almost impossible without a microscope. A spoonful of peanuts once a week will not be a big problem, but I try to limit the amount in my diet.

– 2 –

If I eat pizza, it’s only on freshly made dough and in a good restaurant. If I eat pizza, I eat it with lots of vegetables. And after pizza, I don’t eat dessert with refined sugar in the composition. The combination of refined sugar and refined flour is one of the worst for our digestion. If I want to eat ice cream or cheesecake, I eat vegetables with eggs, young cheese, buckwheat or quinoa for the main course.

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– 3 –

A glass of hot water helps me to improve digestion during or after a meal. If I feel that by the time I eat, my body is still worried about work, or the food I eat is heavy enough, I always accompany lunch with hot water. This can be plain water, water with lemon, water with ginger and a little honey or turmeric. Sometimes it’s a cup of green tea or chicory. Cold drinks, and especially iced drinks, impair digestion. I always drink a bottle of green juice from the refrigerator in small sips, warming the juice in my mouth, or wait a few minutes for the drink to warm up a little at room temperature.

– 4 –

Portion matters more, especially if what is on the plate falls into one of these categories: nuts, seeds, cereals, meals based on any flour, butter, cheese, cottage cheese and other dairy products, eggs, legumes, potatoes and dried fruits … These foods are hard enough to digest, and everyone has a portion that shouldn’t be exceeded. The lack of rush, phone in hand and thorough chewing helps me to control portion size. If these are fresh or cooked vegetables and some fresh fruits (not all!), I can eat them in large quantities, and this will not affect my digestion and vitality in any way.

– five –

I don’t combine fresh fruit with other foods. The quinoa, cheese and watermelon salad looks great, but my digestion will immediately react negatively to the presence of watermelon in the salad. Fruits are digested very quickly — faster than cereals, dairy products, and cooked vegetables. By combining fruits with other foods, we complicate the task of our digestion. But here, too, quantity is of great importance – a slice of tangerine or a spoonful of fresh berries will not be a problem, but because of a kilogram of watermelon or melon eaten right after lunch, noticeable discomfort in the stomach may be felt for several hours. I always eat fresh fruit in the morning after a couple of glasses of hot water and vegetable juice. During the day, I take a break of about two hours after another meal to eat fruit.

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– 6 –

The more excitement, the more hot food in the diet. After speeches, seminars and important work meetings, I always want a bowl of hot soup. Hot food calms me down and helps maintain good digestion no matter the amount of excitement.

– 7 –

I allow myself to eat everything, but I always do it, observing my sensations. How does my digestion and my skin react, how does the level of alertness change? It can be stomach discomfort or headache, it can be a feeling of lethargy and drowsiness. I never judge myself, I just observe and draw conclusions. Sometimes the problem is in the product itself, and sometimes in its quantity, in combination, or even in the state in which I ate this food. No one can determine better than myself which products are right for me and which are not. Only daily observation, the absence of self-criticism and feelings of guilt help in this.

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