12 knowledge in my 31 years

Today I turned 31, which means that in nine years I will be 40, and in 19 years I will already be 50. At 18 it seemed to me that 31 is a lot, but now I feel much more confident, happier and more comfortable in my body than 18 or 25. And even the approaching 50 seems like a great number. 12 important knowledge that I gained in my 31 years – in this post.

Author: Olya Malysheva

1. If you don’t check social networks for several days, you won’t miss anything important. You will find out about the wedding of friends, important projects and the birth of children. But tons of less important and often unnecessary information will pass by, saving hours of valuable time.

2. Children are a test of awareness, the ability to love and the ability to give.

3. Love for sweets is not forever. By the age of 30, I completely lost my craving for desserts. Last summer, I threw out ice cream for the first time in my life when I bought it to enjoy a sunny walk. After biting off my favorite popsicle one and a half times, I realized that it didn’t taste good to me, and I didn’t want to eat it at all. And it turned out to enjoy the walk without ice cream. The same thing happened with the once favorite cheesecakes and lemon tarts.

4. When you work for yourself and do what you love, you still need a weekend. Weekends help you to be more efficient on weekdays, value time with family and friends, and be even happier.

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5. Everything will never be in time. Especially when new ideas come to mind every day. Every day, I learn to prioritize, enjoy small steps, and learn not to suffer when half of my to-do list remains uncommitted.

6. Sincerity is a reason to fall in love. It’s worth meeting someone who is sincere in relationships, in their words and in every action, I melt.

7. Changes in nutrition are reflected not only on the body and face, but also on the character, relationships and perception of the world.

8. Restrictions give freedom. I know very well what clothes suit me, what hairstyle and makeup adorn me. This will seem boring to many, but I do not need experiments in appearance. I spend a minimum of time on trips to beauty salons and buy less and less clothes every year. I do not drink alcohol and exclude quite a lot of foods from my diet, so choosing food in a supermarket or restaurant takes me very little time.

9. You can have a great time at parties without alcohol.

10. The most important thing in business Are not ideas, but a team.

11. The best way to change others is to be an example to them. All other methods usually only spoil the relationship.

12.You can live with one person for 10 years, every day to work with him, have a rest together, grow and develop together, raise a child together and want to live together for another thousand years.

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